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What to do if Your Surgery has Been Postponed or Delayed Due to COVID-19

We’re doing our best to help provide clients with a high level of care during the coronavirus pandemic, and as expected, they have had some questions for us along the way. In today’s blog, we discuss one of the more common questions patients have in the midst of this pandemic – what to do if […]

5 Signs That You Need A Hip Replacement

As we get older, we tend to accept that everyday aches, pains and limitations are just a natural part of aging. Sure, you may not feel as spry as you did in your twenties, but it’s important to know that daily pain or activity limitations could be a sign of a larger health issue. When […]

How Dancers Can Prevent And Treat Foot Injuries

Dancing is an elegant art, but it’s anything but elegant on your feet. Whether your child is a beginner in ballet class or you’re part of a performance dance group, you need to be aware of the toll the sport takes on your feet. In today’s blog, we take a closer look at some of […]

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